Bill Ockerlund's B-Sedan 510's

Bill Ockerlund from Michigan, is the owner of two B-sedan builds from the Ermish Stable.



"The Orange Peel" Wagon

The engine bay has been stripped, suspension is in and its off to paint. When it returns we will install the 2.0 L engine, Wilwood brakes, wheels and tires.


Brian's B-sedan 510

Our customer Brian, just purchased this little blue 510 off e bay. 
We will do a complete B-sedan rebuild, including suspension,
engine and transmission. Stay tuned for more pictures & updates
as we start working towards getting yet another 510 on the track!! 

Marty's B-Sedan 510

Marty wanted this 510  turned from an old race car that was being driven on the street. Into a B-sedan race car with all new suspension and paint. It's the 2003-2004 SCCA San Fran region Championship ITC car. Now it'll will be saved and safe running BS in Vintage. Congrats Marty!



Josh Thieriot 510

Coming to Troy Ermish Inc from Nevada. Josh's Datsun street 510 is getting  
Wilwood brakes, a complete suspension package, fuel cell, body and
paint inside & out, including custom aluminum door panels and dash



Bill Ockerlund 510

All the way from, Holland Michigan Bill's Datsun 510 is here for complete drive train and B-sedan suspension package.



Sharp 610

Fresh paint....





 Dave Frellsen's National Champion B Sedan #93
being restored for Dave Stone
**This was the 1st Datsun 510 to ever be accepted into the Quail Car Show Gathering in 2010**








La Carrera Panamericana 510

La Carrera Panamericana Datsun 510
Visit the You Tube link below to see
Taz's 510 look at mins (3:02-3:15)



Owner-Driver : Taz Harvey (Dublin CA)  

2040 cc making 146 hp to rear wheels.
Custom roll cage 

Ready to go to MEXICO! 


Wayne McAtee Datsun 510



Rob Dyson 510

The Rob Dyson 510 owned by Ken Mattice was started in November of 2009 & completed in January of 2010. The re-build included; Complete tear down, media blasting, body & paint, Rebello drive train, new quarter panels, fenders, deck lid, hood, complete update on the suspension and re-built 35 year old Hurst Airheart Brakes (very rare). Check out the pictures below!












Vintage 710





B Sedan
Race history: Previous ITC car from 1992





(above) Jan 2011 the Body work has been completed on the B-sedan car.


16 Valve


Vintage 2.5 Challenge Trans Am Version 2.0








Bill Burke Total Street Project







The Bill Ice Project