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Dave Stone's 260Z Restoration

This early 260Z does not carry a pink slip because its vin # is 000009 and likely started out as a school car for the Bondurant driving school at Sears Point (Sonoma Raceway). Eventually the Bob Bondurant Team built it into an IMSA Endurance Racing Datsun 260Z. It was driven in the 1978 24 hours of Daytona and the 1978 12 hours of Sebring, finishing well in both races. The drivers included Bob Bondurant, Steve Cook, Ron Southern and Bill Cooper. In the early '80's, this Z car received IMSA flares, G-nose body work and big tires. Raced by the Bon Temps Racing Team, it competed in the 1981 Daytona 250 Mile Paul Revere, 1982 12 Hours of Sebring and 1983 Daytona Finale 3 hours. The drivers included Ron Reed, Mike Langlinais and Jim Fisher.


Karman Cusack's Historic B-Sedan 510

Delivered from Conifer Colorado, Karman's Historic B- Sedan 510
is here for suspension upgrade, drive train improvements, body and paint.

Ike Keeler's Rose Cup 510

This B-sedan 510 raced in the '79 Portland Rose Cup. Its been raced pretty hard for 30+ years. Time to bring it back to it's old glory, with full re-build, strip, media blast, new suspension, brakes and drive train.

Ermish Scale & Set up service

If your headed to the track, auto cross, need a chassis dyno or its just your daily driver, Troy offers a variety of set up services and track support to meet your needs. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

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